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Founded  in 1994 Community Graphics is in the business of providing communities with beautifully illustratrated interpetations of their hometowns. Our highly skilled artists work carefully to see these towns as residents see them themselves, in all their charm.  During this time  Community Graphics  has built a solid relationships  working with city officials, chambers of commerce and area businesses while producing these colorful illustrated maps.

Community Graphics has been built on the foundation of delivering a low-cost, high impact, marketing product. Since its early days, Community Graphics has driven itself to become the most professional, most graphically sound and the widest producer/distributor of commemorative posters in metropolitan Detroit.

These poster/maps accomplish several positive aspects for communities and are of interest to a wide range of local businesses (retail, professional and service). They create a sense of identity and appeal to the community spirit that is inherent within each. A valuable public relations tool for cities, chambers of commerce and downtown development authorities, they serve  an affordable marketing tool for promoting local businesses and helping residents and newcomers find what they are looking for. The most important ingredient in all our projects is COMMUNITY PRIDE!

What is a Commemorative Poster?
The commemorative poster is an artistic rendering of a given community which captures its flavor and uniqueness. The posters are fully functional and accurately drawn to indicate the location and advertisement of each participating merchant. Each merchant's company logo, address and telephone number is recreated with the latest state-of-the-art computer graphic software. Our attention to detail is obvious. These businesses and buildings are plotted using an alphanumeric coordinate system pinpointing their exact location on the poster. Our attention to detail is obvious. The back of the poster contains a community profile, complete with important information the average citizen will use throughout the life of the poster: additional display adds, frequently used telephone numbers, history, a calendar of civic and events.

Community Project
Community Graphics isn't the first company to produce commemorative posters, but due to our ingenuity. and foresight, we have evolved the product into a highly effective marketing tool. We improved the poster's participation rate, quality, distribution network, customer satisfaction by:
     1)  Establishing professional illustration and fully computerized graphics departments.
     2)  Instituting a effective distribution delivery system
     3) Creating a unique packaging format
     4) Promoting all aspects of the community.

Community Graphics works closely with a community's municipality and Chamber of Commerce for two very important reasons. To ensure accuracy and guarantee that the poster includes all the points of reference to capture the flavor and essence of what makes the community unique. Not only are civic leaders and residents impressed with the final product, but a testament to this fact is that 80 percent of the participants re-sign when we renew the project . When the poster is completed, it will be the most talked about, highly visible promotional piece the community has ever seen. Until we do the next one!

Community Graphics can offer you a professional illustration and fully computerized graphics department to create a highly visible promotional tool for your community. I look forward to the opportunity of meeting with you to discuss working together to create a commemorative poster for your community.

For additional information  please contact Doug Peneeny at (248) 443-6585 or  mail.gif (2439 bytes)

Shelly Kemp - Executive Director Royal Oak Chamber- 248-547-4000
James Albus - City of Clawson Director of Building and Planning - 248-435-4300 x115
David Coulter – Mayor City of Ferndale - (248) 543 - 8984
Matthew Baumgarten - City Adminstrator Lathrup Village - (248) 557-2600 ext. 225
Eric Tungate – City Manager Oak Park  - 248-891-7406

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